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Soccer Goal Safety Checklist

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What about artificial turf?

Our soccer goals with embedded goal posts like our P-Series Goals and S80 Stadium Cup Goals or our other soccer goals anchored with duckbill anchors are our most commonly used anchored goal systems on artificial turf fields.


If possible, the anchoring system should be installed before the final surface is in place. If this is not possible, please check with the artificial turf company to see how cutting would affect the turf and any accompanying warranties.


If necessary, sand bags and steel anchor weights may be used to anchor the goal, but may not be ideal as it may be too easy for these items to be removed. If goals cannot be ground anchored, goals should be secured by chaining the goals face to face after games or practices on all artificial turf fields.


Please note:  ASTM guidelines require all movable soccer goals be anchored or secured at all times!


Keeper Goals recommends duckbill anchors as the best method to anchor movable soccer goals.  Learn more >

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