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Custom Team Shelters

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Custom movable team shelter, red, at milwaukee school of engineering soccer field.

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watch video of custom wheeled, red  shelters for soccer stadium.


Shelters shown are easily movable thanks to swivel caster wheels and have a 4' 4"back-depth so they fit in a tight space.


Custom team shelters can fill many needs:

Team Shelter Safety - IMPORTANT!!!

Because of wind, all shelters must be secured to the ground by anchors, rebar stakes, chain stakes or duckbills; or they need to be bolted to a concrete base. Tell us how you will use your shelter and we can help you with your options for securing your shelters. (more info.)


Things To Consider When Purchasing Custom Team Shelters:

  1. How many people do you want to seat for the home team? How many for visitors?

  2. How often will you need to move the shelters, and where will you move them to?

  3. What ype of surface will you be moving the shelters on; grass or turf or a hard surface, (asphalt, concrete)?

  4. Do you have existing benches you plan on using, if so what size are they?

  5. How will shelters be secured to the ground or stored when not in use?

  6. How much room do you have for your shelters?

  7. Any sight lines we need to be aware of?

  8. Do you want advertising or logo options on the back of the shelter?

Custom shelter with scorekeeper table in red with swivel wheels.


Custom red team shelters at Milwaukee School of Engineering athletic field.


Custom red team shelters with 4 foot 4 inch back depth to fit in small space.


Side view of custom team shelter with swivel wheels.


Swivel wheel on custom team shelter.


Swivel caster wheel on custom, red team shelter.


Custom team shelters, 16', 16' and 8'.


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Stadium Products < Soccer Accessories < Seating < Team Shelters
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