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Soccer Net Buying Guide

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Need help deciding which soccer net will be best for your situation?

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A Guide To Help You Determine Which Type Of Soccer Net Best Suits Your Needs:

You want to spend your dollars wisely and purchase a net that will last. What type of net should you get? It is impossible to accuarately predict how long a soccer net will last - so many variables come into play. Netting-wear depends on the thickness of the net, the size of the mesh, the type of material and the weather conditions, (rain, snow and sun exposure). Choosing the right type of net for your situation, (climate, level of competition, amount of use, ect.) can help you make the best use of your equipment budget. The following should help you make a good decision.


Helpful Hints When Purchasing Soccer Nets:

Soccer Net Material Available:

HTPP or HTTP (High Tenacity Polypropylene)

This type of material is used to produce items that require higher strength, such as safety nets or cargo nets. HTPP nets have a longer life when exposed to sun than PE or Nylon.



Monofilament, (a thick and stiff yarn). PE is normally made with a twisted-knot; or, for added strength, a braided knot. It is the most common type of soccer net made. Most PE soccer nets are imported. It is important to realize that not all nets are made equally. Do not assume a 3mm-twist from one company has the same strength as a 3mm-twist as another.



The most common net produced in the United States, nylon is available in a variety of sizes, thicknesses and styles. Because of its availability, it is easy to use for a custom-made net.


Questions to answer when deciding what type of soccer net to purchase:

  • What is the size of your soccer goal? You need to consider height, width, top depth and bottom depth.
  • Will the soccer nets be left up during the season or be removed after each use?
  • How is soccer net going to be attached to frame?
  • Is vandalism normally a problem in the area?
  • How often will money be available in the budget to replace the nets?

    Want help deciding what soccer nets will be best for you?

    Just contact us at 800-594-5126 or email us. We'll be happy to help you!


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