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Types of Keeper Goals Soccer Goals


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M Series Soccer Goals

This goal is most popular in open settings, such as parks, schools or any setting where the goal is not consistently supervised. With a heavy backbar and 4" x 2" base this goal is very difficult to tip. It is strong, stable, safe and stands the test of time. Due to the long life expectancy of the M Series soccer goal it is one of the best values on the market today. We strongly advise the use of levered lifting wheels for moving goals (#MW-2).


M88W Wheeled Goals

Our most popular goal in situations where the goals are moved often. The advantage of this goal, over the competition’s, is that it is very easy to move without any lifting. It is very strong, stable, counterbalanced and safe. Net attachment is easy to use, hard to lose and easy to replace. With a heavy weighted back bar and 4" x 2" base this goal is very difficult to tip. Semi-pneumatic wheels do not require air and are harder to vandalize. It is important to lock the wheels and secure the goal when it is not being moved or used. Available with 4" x 2" rectangular posts and 4" round posts.


MAL (Movable Aluminum) Goals

This goal is similar to competitor goals but steel corners make it stronger than an aluminum-welded goal. Aluminum is a soft metal and welds have a tendency to become brittle over time. A properly welded steel joint is much stronger. These goals are easy to lift by adults and they are strong, counterbalanced goals. This goal is difficult to tip due to the backbar being the heaviest part of the goal. It is not quite as durable as M series goals and not quite as easy to move as wheeled soccer goals but is a less expensive option if you are moving goals often. We suggest a MW2-RD4 wheel kit to move goals.


P Series Goals

Recommended when goal location is not to be changed often or at all. These goals are manufactured from the same strong 4" x 2" steel that M Series are made from but are permanently or semi-permanently cemented into ground. Goals cannot be tipped over unless they are dug out of the ground. These goals need to be buried into 3' of ground with cement. These goals are durable and safe. Sleeves will make future goal relocation easier.


Stadium Cup Goals

These versatile goals can either be permanently set in sleeves (S-80 & ECON-S-80), or they can be free-standing goals when they need to be moved or change locations occasionally (MS-80). The (MS-88W-RD4) wheeled stadium cup goals are ideal when goals need to be moved often. These goals give a soccer stadium a professional feel with box-style shaped goals and nets. Recommended for a stadium-setting soccer field.


Five A Side Goals

We refer to these as FAS Goals. A good choice when you are looking for a less expensive goal that will still withstand rugged play and abuse in a park setting. These goals include net attachment all around the goal. They are counterbalanced and easy to assemble. A wheel kit is available (MW2-RD4).


Economy Goals

Lightweight goal that should only be used in controlled area where potential for vandalism is low. If kids hang on this goal, the crossbar will bend. These goals are easy to assemble and easy to move.


Aluminum Training Goals

These goals fold up for easier storage, yet are durable enough to withstand adult play. They are also easy to set up and are lightweight. The 1 3/4" mesh net included is very durable – made to stop a hockey puck. These goals are perfect for small-sided games.


Small Sided Goals

These goals are recommended when small-sided goals will be left on site. These goals are welded together in one piece. There is no assembly required. These goals are very strong and do not contain any loose parts.

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