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Wheel Kits

mw2 wheel kit upright mw2 wheel kit down mw2 wheel kit off goal

#MW-2 Wheel Kit  

The #MW-2 Levered Lifting Wheel Kit

For Use On Keeper Goals M-Series Goals


#MW-2 Levered Lifting Wheels make moving Keeper Goals simple. #MW-2 lever lifting wheels can be used to move any of our M Series goals. The lifting wheel kit can easily be removed and placed on another set of M Series goals. With the aid of our levered lifting wheels two adults can easily move the sturdy M Series goal without lifting or tipping.


We recommend that the goals be chained face to face or staked down while goals are not being used. Warning Labels available for all movable goals.


To Use Levered Lifting Wheels:
1. Slide bracket onto side panel bottom base.
2. Raise handle, locking pin snaps in.
3. Push goal to desired location.
4. Lower handle and remove wheel from goal area.



PMW-4 wheel kit

Model #PMW-4

The #PMW-4 Semi-Permanent Wheel Kit

Convert Your Existing Goals To Wheeled Goals

For customers who have previously purchased soccer goals we have the #PMW-4 semi-permanent wheel kit. The #PMW-4 includes four wheel brackets and one removable handle. Only one wheel kit is needed to move a set of M series goals. Simply attach the wheels and bracket to the frame with set screws.


ms2-rd wheel kit on fas goal whole goal mw2-rd wheel kit on fas goal close up mw2-rd wheel kit on fas goal side panel

Model #MW2-RD

The #MW2-RD Removable Wheel Kit

Safely Move Goals With a Round Base

Our #MW2-RD Wheel Kit allows you to safely move any goal with a 1.90" - 2" round base. (This includes our MAL goals.) Simply set the side panel into the wheel kit on each side of the goal and tighten strap. Push the goal to desired location and remove wheels. 2 wheels per set



MAL with wheel kit adapter

Model #MAW on MAL Goal

The #MAW Wheel Kit

For Use On Our MAL Goals

Set of 4 wheels attach to our MAL goals. Attach 2 wheels per goal.


If you haven’t found what you need, contact us. We manufacture custom products.

We can custom design goals to suit the needs of your organization.



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