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Skills King

Skills King Pendulum

Includes:Adjustable Height from 10.5’ to 21’, 2 Ropes and Pro Pendulum Balls, Base with Wheels, Push Button Quick Connect Posts which quickly collapse into 4 foot sections. Free Pendulum Training DVD. The Skills King TM is easy to set up and take down and requires minimal storage space.


For years Europe’s top trainers have used pendulum training for heading and volley technique training. Now pendulum training comes to the USA with the World’s most versatile pendulum training device, The Skills King TM.

  • Heading Skills, Volley Skills, Ball Control Skills, Kicking Technique Skills
  • Incorporate into your: Fitness Training, Speed and Agility Training, Finishing Training
  • Incorporate into: Team Warm-Up, Team Cool Down, Rehabilitation Training, Specialty Skill Training, Plyometric Training
  • Patent pending properties allow a smooth
    and consistent ball swing.    
  • Hundreds of balls played in a
    matter of minutes.
  • Easily adjust the ball height.
  • Free Training Guide
  • All Ages
  • Build skill, confidence, coordination and
    timing in an exciting and fun setting.
boy using skills king



Areas To Expect Improvement:

  • Player's ball control, volley and heading skills. (when used a minimum of once per week for 30-45 minutes.)  (Used as specified in the complimentary Training Guide)
  • Judgment of flighted balls.
  • Eye / foot / ball coordination.
  • Watch your team’s air game soar.
  • Player's techniques and player confidence.
  • See rapid results in training and games.  
  • A product of this training is an increase in vertical jump height.   A vertical jump training program for players aged 15 and older is available.


Why The Skills King Is Effective:

  • Consistent and constant repetition.
  • No ball chasing.
  • Hundreds of touches in a matter of minutes.
  • Flighted balls arrive from a variety of angles with varied pace.
  • Use it on the field, in the gym, or in the backyard.


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