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Batting Cages

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batting cage
Model #BC-Outdoor 70

Standard Batting Cages

Outdoor Batting Cages

3" OD Heavy-duty steel uprights with arched offsets with 6' ground sleeve. Ten post are used for a 70' cage; eight post are used for a 55' cage. 12" arched offset cable supports made from 2 1/2"OD steel pipe. Nylon coated steel cable with hardware.


#BBTEN70 70' Tension Baseball Cage

70' x 14'w x 14'h includes premium net, tension cables, three complete lock pulleys, reach poles and installation instructions.


indoor batting cage


Indoor Batting Cages

Many options available including tension cage, free-standing cages and electrical motored cages - please call for details or to receive a quote.


Custom Batting Cages

Custom batting cages available. We will design or build your cage to accommodate your situation. Please call for details.

High-Quality Nets For Batting Cages

Our nets are made of UV treated high tenacity polypropylene (HTTP) netting. This is the type of material used to produce items that require higher strength, such as safety nets or cargo nets. HTPP net have a longer life when exposed to sun than PE or nylon. Our HTTP nets are stronger and more durable than common knotted-nylon nets.


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