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Bison Basketball Equipment


Bison 732 Semi-adjustable


Bison 732 Semi-Adjustable


Bison Wall-mount basketball hoop

Bison Wall Mount Basketball Hoop



Bison Wallmount Residential



Bison With Glass Backboard


Bison Zip Crank 8300



Additional Products From Bison:


  Bison Zip Crank and External Crank Systems
#BA9300-BK Zip Crank 5" pole- 60" board four season
#BA8300-BK Zip Crank 4" pole- 54" board lottery
#KG454ZIP KG 4" direct bury pole zip crank, 30" overhang, 54" acrylic or glass backboard, had flex rim
#KG554ZIP KG 5" direct bury pole zip crank, 30" overhang, 54" acrylic or glass backboard, had flex rim
#BA9885-BK Supreme Court Adjustable 6" pole, zip crank, 72" glass, flex rim, pad
#BA8450-BK Total Blackout 4" pole, external crank 54" glass'
BA9750  Williamsburg 5" pole, external crank, 60" glass backboard
BA9725  Gettysburg 5" pole, external crank, 60" acrylic backboard, 
  Bison Fixed Height Systems
#BA9873-BK Bison Supreme Court - 6" fixed- 72" glass
#BA9499-BK Infinity 5" pole 60" polycarbonate
#BA83-BK Power Play  4" pole, 54" acrylic, 32" extension arm, pads
  Flat Wall Mount Residential Systems - 88" Height Extend 28" High
#BIS-PKG-250 Wall mount qwik change fiberglass backboard, 22" overhang, MD flex rim
#BIS-PKG-300 Wall mount zip crank wall mount with 54" acrylic backboard, 30" overhang, MD flex rim
  Basketball Poles
#BA475 54" Aluminum cast backboard-natural
#BA475W 54" Aluminum cast backboard- white limited supply available
#BA475SS 54" Aluminum cast backboard- white with shooters square
#BA27 Single Park & Rec. Goal
#BA37N Double Goal with Net
#BA37 Double Goal with chain net
#BA39U Ultimate Goal- Lifetime Warranty
#5BAS 5" sq Pole @13'4" x .125 wall with 5" steel cap, powder coated black
#4BAS 4" Sq Pole @13'4" x .125 wall with 4"cap, powder coated black
#3BAS-RD 3" sch 40 pipe Length is 13'
#BA777 90 degree gooseneck with bolted plate and support arms
BA732BK 32" Extension arm for 4" pole
BA735QC-BK 22" Quick adjust Arm
BA442 Rect Rectangular Steel Backboard- not available
BA475W  # 52 White Fan-
BA475SS  # 52 Fan with shooters square
BA475 Alum  # 52 Fan galv.. Aluminum
BA600 # 20 48" fan shaped
BA46W # 36 48" rectangular acrylic 3/8 clear
BA46SM  # 36 48" rectangular acrylic 3/8 smoked
BA44XL Fan glass backboard
BA42XLC Glass backboard
BA27 BA27 Single rim universal pattern
BA26 BA26 Single Rim  weight 12
BA29JR BA29JR   weight 18
BA32  BA32  weight 21
BA37N BA37N double rim w/net
BA37 BA37 Double rim w/chain  weight 17
BA39U BA39U Ultimate Rim  weight 27
#BA79upp-bk 4" Bison 1" x 64" h- foam with velcro
#BA870Jpp 5" Bison 1" x 64"h for 5" pole with velcro
#BA79UPP-bl Wrap around 3/4" pole pad for 3 1/2" or 4" pole- 56" high x 3/4" thick Black
  Backboard Pads
#BA48U 48" BA48U
#BA54U 54" BA54U
#BA60-bk 60" BA60-bk


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